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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gale PowerSearch webinars

Hi iCONNers --

These webinars are a great opportunity for libraries who haven't transitioned to Gale's PowerSearch interface to see what it's all about. When Gale announced PowerSearch last summer, iCONN held information sessions about the new interface. But if your library didn't opt to changeover, you may have forgotten all about this! The cut-over date to PowerSearch for InfoTrac databases is August 1st.

Take advantage of these webinars and prepare for this changeover so you're ready when it happens!

--Lorri Huddy

Here's Gale's notice about their webinars:

We here at Thomson Gale are happy to continue with a new set of free , online seminars called "PowerSearch Fridays ."

At these seminars, held at the very least every Friday, we will be demonstrating Thomson Gale's new platform -- Thomson Gale PowerSearch. This new platform allows for the cross-search of Gale databases -- more than 17,000 InfoTrac periodicals and hundreds of Thomson Gale and partner eBooks .

If you've never attended a webinar before, here's how it works:

1) Register using this link: http://www.gale.com/enewsletters/product_update/PowerSearch.htm

2) You will receive a confirmation email before the meeting time with another link that you click at the time of the meeting

3) Call into the teleconference (details provided in the confirmation email)

4) Sit back, watch the screen, listen and ask questions.

In the seminars, you will get a glimpse of the new technology, the unique content that Thomson Gale offers, and you will also be introduced to a new service called AccessMyLibrary . With this service, we will show you how you can bring users of popular search engines like Google and Yahoo back to your library!

Libraries across the world are migrating to PowerSearch. Please register for one of our April seminars. Sessions last approximately one hour.

Nader M. Qaimari
Director - InfoTrac and PowerSearch
Thomson Gale
Office: 248.699.8139


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