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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Technical Funkiness

Well, it happens everywhere and the iCONN federated/meta (all-in-one) search engine is no exception - there is currently something not quite right about the results that come up through that metasearch against InfoTrac OneFile, General Reference Center Gold, and Expanded Academic ASAP - one of us here at iCONN was searching on "george washington" at the end of last week, e.g., and came up with 0 hits in the ITOF, I believe. When she went into the database individually and used its native search interface, the correct results set came up.

It appears to be an issue related to syntax having changed with Gale products using the PowerSearch - or at least that's the current theory. Auto-Graphics is in touch with Gale to work it all out. If you conduct a meta-search on iCONN that you're fairly clear is behaving oddly, please let our staff know so we can follow up asap. We did get a report on this problem this week, so we know some folks have noticed.

In the meantime, linking to individual databases (choose "Link to Individual Databases" below the search box at iCONN's opening search page OR, choose "Select iCONN Resources" (if the individual dbs are not already showing) and then click on the name of the database you want to go into) is recommended for these products. Also, this might be a good time to remind you that iCONN has a list of URLs for you to use if you want to set up direct links of your own into specific iCONN resources (from your website, for example). They are available in Word & PDF formats at: http://www.iconn.org/staff/urltable.aspx.

Finally, a couple of housekeeping reminders: (1) system is being taken down (I'm quoting from an email from A-G):
Auto-Graphics will be performing a minor AGent update this Wednesday
evening, March 8, 2006, beginning at 8pm PT. It will complete prior to
2am PT. While the update does not contain any visual changes to the
system, we wanted you to know it was occurring.
(2) to keep up with iCONN announcements, don't forget to join our listserv, which is fairly low traffic and highly relevant - should keep you on top of iCONN system issues/downtimes/enhancements & more! To sign up, go to: http://lists.auto-graphics.com/mailman/listinfo/iconn


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