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Monday, March 27, 2006

reQuest: Sorting by mileage

Did you know that in the reQuest Main Catalog or Magazine Catalog, you can sort libraries so that the ones closest to you appear first on the list of library locations? This feature comes in handy when you need an item quickly and are willing to drive to a library to pick it up.

(Note: You can click the pictures to see a bigger image.)

For example, the screen shot at the top left shows the record for the Da Vinci Code. Simply scroll down until you see the Locations Information. This information lists information about libraries that own the item and includes the mileage, institution name, and call number. Notice that the field Miles is a hot-link (see the second screen shot).

If you click on the Miles link, the screen will re-fresh and the holding libraries will re-sort so that you see the ones nearest to you (see the third screen shot).

To determine mileage, reQuest uses your home library's zip code. In this example, the zip code is for Middletown, where I work.

You can change the zip code. Notice that the zip code of your home library appears just below the Library Information heading. The zip code is a hot-link. Click the zip code and a new mini-window will open (see the fourth screen shot). You can then enter any zip code in Connecticut. When you click the Submit button, the system will then re- calculate the mileage between this new zip code and the destination libraries.

I find the ability to change zip codes very handy as I can calculate the distance from either my work location in Middletown or from my home in New Britain.


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