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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Putting iCONN in your Firefox Bookmarks

When you go to iCONN with the URL www.iconn.org the system runs through a number of checks to make sure you get the proper databases. After it does the checks you will either get right into the databases or you will get a barcode login screen and can proceed from there. You cannot bookmark any of these subsequent pages. You have to bookmark the original www.iconn.org URL. Briefly, this involves opening the bookmark properties and inputting the original URL. Here's how to input the URL if you are using the Firefox browser:

To create a new iCONN bookmark in Firefox:
  • Open Firefox
  • Click Bookmarks on the toolbar
  • Click Manage Bookmarks from the menu (see first screen shot). A new window will open so that you can make some changes to your bookmarks.
  • Click the New Bookmark icon on the menubar at the top. A new small window will open.
  • Enter a name for the bookmark in the Name field. I used iCONN as the name.
  • Enter http://www.iconn.org in the Location field (see the second screen shot)
  • Click OK. This will put the bookmark at the top of your list of bookmarks. If you have other bookmarks, you can click and drag the new iCONN bookmark and put it anywhere on your list.
  • Close the Manage Bookmarks window.
The next time you need to use iCONN, simply click your new iCONN Firefox bookmark!

(Note: I did this using Firefox version, there may be variations of the steps above if you are using a newer or older version of Firefox, but the main idea is the same - edit the properties of the bookmark and input the original URL. Also note that I have way too many bookmarks!)


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