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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Popup Blockers and iCONN

Of the reports we get from users, one of the more common ones is that people are having trouble getting from the federated search results screen into the individual databases to see those results (by clicking on the number of hits in the given database). This is often caused by popup blockers.

The difficult part is that popup blockers are now being embedded in other software downloads - such as Google or Yahoo toolbars, the Furl browser buttons, heck, even Windows XP SP2's update of IE includes a popup blocking feature.

Amy Terlaga, of the Bibliomation library network, found a page that describes how to turn off various blockers, even temporarily (in many cases, it appears that hitting the Ctrl key will allow you to temporarily turn off a popup blocker, for a given site, for example). Here's the page Amy referred me to: Popup Blockers - http://www.palomar.edu/atrc/help/popupblockers.htm So, thanks Amy! And happy iCONNing, everyone!


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