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Thursday, February 23, 2006

TechCrunch � Google Pages Released

TechCrunch - Google Pages Released

Speaking of websites - free, easy to create webpages, anyone? Google has a new product in beta called "Google Page Creator" and it allows users to create webpages through a web interface (say goodbye to FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Contribute, GoLive, etc., folks!)

"Google Pages allows you to upload files, create many pages that you can link up, and select from a smorgasbord of templates. The website which you can then push out to publish can then be found at username.googlepages.com... Google Pages does let you upload any file though, and gives you 100MB of space, which some may find more useful for sharing files or distributing SNL video’s... For instance, this is not going to be a threat to the younger crowd who are all creating pages on MySpace, nor to the audience of millions of bloggers who already have their online presence, nor to the players in the CMS space who offer a whole lot more in functionality and power."

OK, so the lack of domain mapping is indeed a problem in this beta phase and yes, it's true that if you try to make a page creator account right now, you'll get denied, as they've had too much of a traffic hit, but this could indeed be a good answer for our under-webpresented libraries out there in Connecticut. Check it out.

And, yes, I admit it, there's a tiny little territorial part of me that hesitates to share this tidbit with you all. Besides, if Google's creating this system for everyone, it sort of knocks my theory of most/all libraries needing web-fluent staff on its knees. Overall, however, I still believe that our profession needs programmers. With programmers, maybe libraries would be offering something like the services Google offers. Just an idle dream?


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