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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rollyo Again

For those who shared their day hearing about "Emerging Metadata Topics" at the MLSC yesterday, here's a link of interest... most of you didn't know about Rollyo, so I've created a little personal Rollyo search engine that indexes the iCONN website (doesn't go into the Gale, Proquest, AP Photo, or Wilson databases themselves, but does allow you to search the title lists and documentation for those databases that we have posted at iconn.org) as an example. Just type in a term, like a subject area that iCONN databases include (e.g., I did "math") and choose the Rollyo search engine labelled "Connecticut libraries" from the drop-down box that sits below the search box. Again, there are lots of ways to improve this, but this gives you a feel for the power of Rollyo:


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