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Friday, February 03, 2006

Black History Month Ideas

A recent announcement from Thomson Gale:
Gale - Free Resources - Black History - Home Thomson Gale is providing some ideas for curriculum support for Black History Month, using free web resources. Take a look if you have some extra time and haven't figured out anything on your own.

But I found that their offerings were a little anemic. And there are so many worthwhile resources, both in the iCONN databases and on the web, in general. For example, wouldn't it be great to go into our new Hartford Courant Historical Collection, which features editions of the newspaper from 1764-1922, to see what the people of that era were saying about slavery? (abolition and slavery were big topics in Connecticut in the 19th-century). The Encyclopedia of Connecticut History, is available at iCONN, just go to www.iconn.org and choose "Select iCONN resources". Here, for example, is an entry about slavery from this resource (and I feel fairly certain that other topics appropos to Black History Month can be found there).

There are, of course, our many other databases with biographical, subject, and even timeline-based resources (e.g., History Resource Center - U.S. & Discovering Collection) that could be mined.
There's also the AP Photo Archive for the multimedia effect of images of civil rights leaders and marches.

ON the web, I'd also go to sites such as: Library of Congress' American Memory Project. Or to one of their many classroom projects, such as "From Jim Crow to Linda Brown: A Retrospective of the African-American Experience from 1897 to 1953".

And there are, of course, online slave narratives, which are a fascinating insight -- the very words of the people who survived slavery: North American Slave Narratives from the "Documenting the American South" website at UNC. There are even
African-American History Lesson Plans from the "Documenting the American South" website at UNC.


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