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Friday, January 13, 2006

ProQuest Information and Learning :: Press Release

ProQuest Information and Learning :: Press Release on Hartford Courant Historical

For those of you on the iCONN listserv (if you aren't & want to subscribe, go to http://lists.auto-graphics.com/mailman/listinfo/iconn), I wanted to remind you all that we're nearly "live" with the Hartford Courant Historical project, which will bring us a searchable digitized archive of the state's paper of record (and the oldest continuously published paper in the nation) from its inception in 1764 up to the cutoff for out of copyright material 1922... (the gap between 1922 and 1992 will probably be something CT libraries will want to address in the future... for now, I know that funding this digital archive itself has been a challenge & is still our focus).

It's all very exciting - you can already see some of the results in the archive's not-quite-ready for primetime state by going into a ProQuest database (e.g., The Hartford Courant), then choosing the historical newspapers from the dropdown list of available databases. I've already enjoyed reading about the end of the Civil War from that era's reporters and ads for "snake oil", and so on.

When we go live, we'll be sure to announce it. As I said, my understanding is that funding is not quite a done deal, but we're extremely close. This will be an invaluable resource for all CT libraries and their patrons - of that I have no doubt!


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