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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Try this out - a personal search engine!

It's true - I am such a web geek! Honestly... but what else do you expect from an information professional? I've been looking at some of the latest developments in web technology, particularly those related to social networking - basically putting bookmarks and other things of interest to you personally online (& sharing them with others). For example, here's Rollyo, a tool that is billed as your own "personal search engine". I've added it to the blog for you to see how it works. I made a "searchroll" for www.iconn.org and if you actually type in something like "Connecticut history", you'll get links to our free resources relating to the topic (no, not the databases yet, which are behind the walls of our vendors - proprietary and closed unless you make it in via the strict authentication required by those vendors' licensing agreements).

We still have a lot to offer on our website that this Rollyo search will reveal, hidden though it may seem (since implementation of the federated search interface and the use of that interface as the default homepage for iCONN, it's been harder to know how to get to this info - all linked, BTW, from www.iconn.org/SiteIndex.aspx). Using this little tool, which took less than two minutes to create, can reveal such hidden information on our site. And yes, I believe one day we'll have to find a better way of getting our databases' content to our users - and when that day comes, I hope that we'll all be able to create personal search engines that include the great subscription iCONN resources.

Directions for using Rollyo - enter search term(s) in search box, choose iCONN from pull-down menu, hit GO!


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