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Friday, December 30, 2005

Thomson Gale * Thomson Gale Product Update Bulletin * December, 2005

Thomson Gale * Thomson Gale Product Update Bulletin * December, 2005 has a couple of exciting new features to report, particularly for the InfoTrac Onefile (in the new tabbed version of the Gale interface known as the "PowerSearch" interface). For example:

  • Search within this Publication/Work — Search within a publication from the "About this Publication" option or when viewing a given article... when you've conducted a Publication Search and pulled up results, you'll see the Quick Search box on the left-hand side of the page & below that, you'll now find checkboxes for searching either the whole publication run or the specific issue you're already looking at... This is a great feature, adds easy sophistication to searching within a given magazine, such as Consumer Reports, for example

  • On-demand content translation — Automatically translate any eBook or periodical article into Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian and Portuguese... once you've pulled up an article, you can choose to translate into any of these languages... be aware that it's machine-based translation, such as the automatic translators you'll find on many of today's search engines

  • On-demand interface translation — View the interface in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese... choose Preferences and then set the language as desired from the drop-down menu of choices


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