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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Research results: Market research on the information consumer - in CT & internationally - now available

The iCONN Market Survey: Measuring Current Awareness, Usage and Interest is now available online. The final report includes some interesting findings about the general CT information consumer and their attitudes, perceptions, and usage of library services ranging from iCONN to Connecticard. George Pettinico, the Associate Director of UCONN's Center for Survey Research Analysis (CSRA) will present his findings at today's Connecticut Digital Library Advisory Board meeting (meeting at 1 pm, his presentation at 2 pm). We've even invited a couple of the people from other statewide or regional agencies (including the library automation networks) to sit in, if they're so inclined. I think that the findings are of interest to all CT librarians because they give us a much better picture of the average CT resident's perceptions than we have ever had before!

Additionally, on the research front, OCLC's report has finally been released - on perceptions and habits of information consumers. It's got some interesting findings for librarians - findings we have to pay attention to - for example, "the place libraries hold today is no longer as distinct as it once was.
"Libraries, many of their resources and services, and the information experts who work in libraries appeared to be increasingly less visible to today's information consumer." (6-1)

Finally, we - CLC and iCONN - are collecting feedback from librarians about their experience with the Barnes & Noble Love Your Library promotion. I really enjoyed spending time at the Manchester and Waterbury stores. I helped Deb from CLC gift-wrap items at Manchester on Saturday (to benefit the South Windsor Public Library)... though Deb actually did a lot more of the gifts than I did, I think! And she was there all day on Friday gift-wrapping, as well. We haven't gotten the results from B&N yet, but will let people know once we do about the totals.


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