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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Links & excitement

Love Your Library excitement is building! Check out the website for the latest. We've gotten publicity on the WTIC, in the Hartford Courant, the Danbury News-Times, and more! And do NOT forget to go shopping at B&N with your LYL vouchers this weekend. Encourage friends, loved ones, colleagues to join LYL & raise money for Connecticut's libraries...

Next week is the Advisory Board meeting, during which the findings from the UCONN CSRA survey on public awareness of iCONN (and an array of other library-related public perception questions) will be released. George Pettinico, Associate Director of the CSRA, will be presenting the wealth of information gathered in this study.

The Pew Center for the study of Internet & American life announced in a recent report (link to the report in PDF format) that more Americans than ever are using search engines. Increasingly, people are feeling confident and self-sufficient about their ability to procure information...

The iCONN schools' toolkit CD is online for those who are interested in doing a test drive of it - I've asked some school library media specialists to try it out (click here to download it for yourself, it's 99 MB zipped) before we do the en masse pressing of the CD (the Dept. of Education is going to help us with that). Then, you'll have to unzip it. To begin using it, find the intro.htm file and open it up in your web browser. Note: Make sure that you unzip/extract/copy over all of the contents as they were originally zipped up, including subfolders, etc. Without the proper files in the proper order, the intro.htm file will not look normal when you pull it up.


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