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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

FBI requiring libraries, universities to offer "back door" to internet surveillance of patrons & students

On the intellectual freedom front, we aren't hearing as much uproar on this issue - but it is at least as problematic as the surveillance of our patrons' reading records... see "U. Penn: Universities required to update networks to assist FBI surveillance." The America's Intelligence Wire (Oct 26, 2005): InfoTrac OneFile Document: "http://find.galegroup.com/itx/infomark.do?&type=retrieve&tabID=T003&prodId=ITOF&docId=A138045678&source=gale&srcprod=ITOF&userGroupName=20231&version=1.0".

I recall internet alarmists sending out warnings back in the mid-90s about the government trying to establish back doors to the internet in order to keep closer tabs on what information users were seeking. To follow this and other stories, check out iCONN - try out ProQuest's alert services if you'd like the latest such stories pushed to you automatically.


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