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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

courant.com | Librarians' Favorites List Has A Twist This Year

How excited am I about Carole Goldberg's story - Librarians Favorites List Has a Twist This Year? Can you guess? I'm thrilled - more so because the words "iCONN - the Connecticut Digital Library" appeared before the jump line - were still on D1 - while page D8 completed the section on iCONN describing it as a "statewide online rsource that includes research databases, ebooks and an online catalog used by public school and academic libraries"! I'm so grateful to the Connecticut Library Consortium, whose most excellent Deb Zulick is coordinating the project on their end and whose Christine Sarrazin put together a great press release on the holiday recommendations booklist!

In fact, I think it was the intersection of Christine's press release and the perfect timing of my noticing a Susan Campbell column - the one about turning Connecticut librarians into action figures/heroes for standing up to the FBI - and sending her a thank you for her advocacy of CT librarians, along with a quick description of Love Your Library and a voucher, that brought Carole Goldberg's story together so nicely. Susan Campbell had mentioned that she was going to send the Love Your Library event on to Carole, because it sounded exciting to her! I think it hit Carole right after Christine's press release got there. Somehow, between those factors & my omnipresence in the office, even late in the day Wed. and right after Thanksgiving on Friday, that got us the coverage. I helped Carole verify some facts before the weekend hit.

The fact that I didn't get straightened out for the article - of all things - was one that I was quoted on - which said that the purchases on LYL days had to exceed $10,000 per store for the 25% donation to take place. The reality is kinder to us - we only need to get $10,000 total among all stores on those days to hit the 25% donation level. I've asked the Courant - via their online form - for a a correction on the story.

More disconcertingly to B&N corporate was that a statement about the vouchers suggested more active B&N involvement than there will be in distributing those vouchers. It read "Also, Barnes & Noble Booksellers will have vouchers on hand for shoppers." While technically correct, the truth is that B&N did not want to highlight this. Instead, they are only offering the vouchers to shoppers who come up to them and specifically ask for them, saying that they've misplaced or forgotten theirs.

Overall, however, I have to say that I think B&N will be happy, we'll be happy, and the authors involved will be happy. I'm hoping that we really do have that elusive creature - the win-win-win - in our grasp!


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