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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Classroom of my Dreams - CECA Monday in Meriden

The 2005 CECA - Connecticut Educators Computer Association Conference is on Monday, don't forget! Jane E., Sharon B., Bill, and Ken will be all be at the Library Trendspotting workshop offered by CLC tomorrow in Hartford. The whole event sounds exciting, but I will be here at the office. Maybe next year!

The manager of the Farmington B&N store was wonderfully enthusiastic about Love Your Library in a meeting with him and Farmington Library's point person - Hal Bright - on the LYL project this AM. It looks like they'll probably work out a 3-library wish list table, because the Farmington store's patron base extends to people from New Britain & Newington as well. I'm glad that to see that partnership starting off on a good note!

Bibliomation has the Love Your Library promotion already up on their homepage. I'm hoping that the other library consortia will be able to support the event, as well (I suspect they will)!


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