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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Barnes & Noble Book Fair & Statewide Library Appreciation Days

I'll be telling you all more about this when we have a concrete implementation plan, but it looks like there will be a statewide event which partners CLA, the CLC, and the Connecticut State Library (by way of iCONN) with Barnes & Noble on December 2 & 3. (I'm offering you this sneak preview so you'll know to wait until 12/2 & 12/3 to purchase books from B&N!)

A percentage of book sales made using special vouchers on those dates will go to Connecticut libraries. CLC, CLA, and the CT State Library have been in discussions about how best to distribute the earnings from this type of statewide book fair. Because it would be a statewide event, trying to divvy up the proceeds among almost 200 libraries as individual $ amounts would create a lot of logistical problems and yield very low (& possibly inequitable) numbers for each library. Instead, the CLC and CLA have decided to pool that money and use it to enhance the iCONN program.

Since iCONN is something that all Connecticut librarians and all Connecticut residents benefit from, putting the money into this program seemed to make the most sense. I will be explaining much more about this project in the coming month, but again, save your B&N book purchases until December 2 & 3! Also, be aware that a number of promotional opportunities will be coming all CT libraries' way in conjunction with this statewide "library appeciation days" book fair at B&N locations on those dates. There are a lot of p.r. opportunities for you and your library, so keep this new project in mind as you plan press releases, newsletters, and meetings with your friends' groups.

New Jersey is conducting an event like this in their local B&N stores tomorrow and Saturday. It will be interesting to hear how they "fair"... so to speak.


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