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Friday, August 12, 2005

What is an outreach coordinator anyway? And what does she do?

One of the great challenges an outreach coordinator faces is to explain to everyone what they've been doing. The soft art of p.r. requires a certain amout of time spent on building relationships, attending events, and such. So you may have heard that iCONN has an Outreach Coordinator - yes, that's me - but you may be wondering what I'm doing and what it all means to you.

The Connecticut Digital Library - iCONN - has been doing p.r. since before its "go live" in 2001. Only now has iCONN been able to devote resources to a concerted effort to raise public awareness of iCONN. Fine and well, but what does that do for me and my library, you might be asking.

As you already realize, the Connecticut Digital Library project provides you with thousands of dollars worth of free resources. Our work in public outreach reminds Connecticut residents of the value of their library card!

That's where the community outreach coordinator comes in. We have big plans - plans to plan (yes, that's consultant-speak), to create metrics to measure effectiveness of our efforts, to get more community involvement, feedback, and, of course, to increase public awareness of iCONN. Moreover, we'll be working (with the help of our public and librarian constituencies) to tailor our messages for specific audiences. There's a lot of exciting work to be done.

This blog is an easy way for me to keep you up-to-date on iCONN's development and my efforts in public relations. There will even be an RSS feed should you want to have the blog entries aggregated for your perusal at your convenience (and yes, you can skip the overly long ones if you desire... no need to clog up that overflowing inbox on your email program any more!)
- Sharon Clapp, iCONN's new Outreach Coordinator


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